Memorial Car Window Decal

Chozi Crafts Inc.

Regular price $10.00

Designed by Ch0zi

Decal comes in Lilac Purple and is around 4-5 inches in size- perfect for car windows but can also be used on indoor items as well. 

It is weatherproof high grade vinyl.

This decal is a representation of all who have departed and although they are not here physically they are free from this world always watching over you. 

All profits go to the memorial that Ch0zi is doing at her parents house where she loved to hang out. She would always love to go swimming in the pool or hang out outside in the backyard. Ch0zi needs your help to make the day very special and in return you will receive this decal. I ship worldwide and will take custom orders as well. If you would like to donate but would not like a decal please send any donation to chozicrafts on Venmo or $chozicrafts on cash app. 

All order will be shipped within 1-3 business days.